Gem & Co has specialized in the trading and manufacturing of high quality socks for the US market over the past 22 years. Our US operations, located in North Carolina consists of marketing, logistics and financing. We also have sourcing and manufacturing facilities in South Korea and China. 

Gem & Co has been making various brands of socks for quite some time – from department to discount stores. Our success is driven by high quality, on-time delivery, competitive prices and unparalleled designs. Gem & Co’s respected name has built trusted relationships with our customers. We sternly believe in being honest, respectful and trustworthy to our clients, along with putting forth the best product that we are known for. Gem & Co sincerely appreciates all of our customers and friends who have been supporting our growth and business.

Gem & Co also represents polypropylene fiber for the US market, a raw material for non-woven fabrics.

For any new business opportunities, please feel free to contact us.